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Apparel & Merchandise
Build Recipes
Build Recipes
Anything that helps cool down any component of the engine will live in here. From heat exchangers, to intercoolers, head cooling mods, and aftermarket coolant tanks.
Cylinder Head Completion Packages
      Modular Head Shop Cylinder Head Completion Packages  Over the past 6 years we have done hundreds of 2V Head / Cam Combos. Behind the scenes, we...More Details »
Cylinder Heads
Engine Parts
Forced Induction & Nitrous
Once your new engine is built and it's ready to turn it up, forced induction is your next logical step. From turbos to superchargers, to nitrous, or any combination of the three, Modular Head Shop...More Details »
Fuel System
Gaskets and Seals
Ignition & Electrical
Intake & Components
Oil System
Panther Platform
The Panther Platform consists of several vehicles that also included the 4.6L Modular Engine. They, too, can be improved by our services, including cams and head porting. Whether you have a Crown...More Details »
Race Trailer
If you have a racecar, or a street car that you put on a trailer to take to the track, you know how important it is to be prepared. You can carry a lot of spare parts and accessories on your car...More Details »
BASIC NHRA Safety Rules   Street Cars The following items are required for a vehicle and driver to pass tech: Good tires, a solid battery hold down, radiator overflow reservoir,...More Details »
Suspension Parts & Components
Can't find something you think should be here? Be sure to check under the "Chassis" tab as well. Still can't find it?? Reach out to us via phone or email. We can get any part you need for your...More Details »
Wheels & Tires
Making power is easy to do these days, even factory Mustangs are coming with power that is enough to smoke the tires from a stop light. Make sure you are applying that power to the ground with a...More Details »

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