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All Modular Head Shop Coyote Camshafts are designed to be locked out, and cannot just be dropped in. We recommend the lockouts from RGR Engines and that is what we use in our in house builds. 

We have 3 grinds for each application to keep things simple and haven't seen the need to add anything more. If you need help selecting what camshafts will work best for your application, please send us an email at and one of us will be happy to help you.  

The Street / Strip Series Camshafts are more geared to drivers and street rod / hot rod engine swaps. These will show good gains over the stock camshafts, while being fairly easy to tune. 

The Race Series Camshafts are designed for high horsepower drag and drive style combinations. These are for the guys and gals that are serious about their program, want a little rumble and some extra RPM capabilties. 

The Extreme Series Camshafts are designed for max effort combos. You can expect for both the N/A and Blower Grinds to be extremely rowdy at idle. The TBX Camshafts can be fairly tame and certainly drag and drive capable without any issues. We recommend these be used with our Competition Primary and Secondary Sprockets for maximum reliability due to the increased lift and valve spring pressures needed. 

We offer 5 different Snout / Lobe Combinations. We do not offer camshafts with the Voodoo Firing order and our camshafts will not work in the GEN 2 Truck Engines with the OEM computer due to the firing order being different. 

GEN 1 - 191 Standard 11-17 5.0L Coyote Base Circle, GEN 1 Snout 
These will use GEN 1 style lockouts and secondary sprockets.  

GEN 2 - 243 Standard 11-17 5.0L Coyote Base Circle, GEN 2 Snout 
These will use GEN 2 style lockouts and secondary sprockets.

GT350 - 375 - These Camshafts will have the GT350 Base Circle and the traditional GT350 GEN 2 style snout. These are only to be used in GT350 Heads with GT350 style followers. Cannot be used with standard 11-17 followers. 

GT350 - 374 - Same GT350 Base Circle but ground on GEN 1 cores, with the GEN 1 snout. These are the camshafts we typically use on Competition Engines with GT350 Heads. These camshafts are to be used with GT350 style followers and GEN 1 style lockouts and secondary sprockets. 

GEN 3 - 433 - These Camshafts share the same base circle as the GT350, but are specific to the GEN 3 Direct Injection Heads. These are not interchangable with any other cylinder head and are only available with the OEM style exhaust snout. These camshafts will come with a lobe to drive the high pressure fuel pump.

We list these Camshafts in 2 groups based on lobes. GEN 1/2 and GT350 / GEN 3. 
Each respective group will share the same lobes, valve lift and spring recommendations. 


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5.0L Coyote Camshafts Featured Products

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Description: Billet aluminum plugs fill the void leftover when VCT is deleted
Item #: BPS-EN008
Condition: New
Price: $79.00

Description: Fits Gen 1 5.0L Coyote. Supplied with all necessary hardware.
Item #: MHS-502511
Condition: New
Price: $429.00

Description: Fits Gen 2 5.0L Coyote, 5.2L G5350 and 5.2L Predator
Item #: MHS-502515
Condition: New
Price: $489.00

Description: Fits 2018+ Gen 3 5.0L Engines. Does not fit 5.2L Predator. Includes all necessary hardware.
Item #: MHS-502518
Condition: New
Price: $499.00

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