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BASIC NHRA Safety Rules


Street Cars
The following items are required for a vehicle and driver to pass tech: Good tires, a solid battery hold down, radiator
overflow reservoir, functioning neutral-safety switch, seat belts, and a valid state driver's license or NHRA competition
license for all participants. The driver must wear long pants, closed toe shoes, and a shirt.

13.99 seconds (8.59 1/8th)
Drive Line Loop with slicks
Approved helmet (Full face in open cars), see below
SFI 3.2A/1 Jacket in vehicles equipped with non-OEM nitrous oxide, turbochargers or superchargers

13.49 seconds (8.25 1/8th)
Roll bar in convertibles
SFI seat belts in convertibles

11.99 seconds (7.49 1/8th)
Steel Valve Stems
Arm Restraints (open cars)

11.49 seconds (7.35 1/8th)
SFI 1.1 or 1.2 Flywheel / Clutch
SFI 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 or 9.1 Flywheel shield
SFI 3.2A/1 approved jacket
6 point roll bar
SFI approved seat belts

10.99 seconds (6.99 1/8th) or Super Street
SFI 4.1 Transmission Shield, or at 135 mph
Locking transmission dipstick tube
Aftermarket axles and axle retainers
SFI Harmonic Balancer
Roll Cage with altered floor pans, or 135 mph - Window net required
Ignition cut-off on all bikes / snowmobiles that exceed 135 mph

9.99 seconds (6.39 1/8th) or Super Gas or 135 mph
NHRA Chassis Certification
NHRA Competition License
SFI jacket & pants 3.2A/5
SFI neck collar & gloves 3.3/1
SFI 29.1 flexplate / 30.1 flexplate shield (AT equipped cars)
Full Face Helmet meeting Snell or SFI specifications

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