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Ignition & Electrical - Alternators
Ignition & Electrical - Batteries
From lightweight batteries to 16v battery systems.
Ignition & Electrical - Battery Relocation Kits
Removing the weight of the battery from the front driver side of the car and relocating it to offset driver's weight over the rear is very common. Do it safely and correctly with a battery box and the correct gauge wiring. 
Ignition & Electrical - Coils / COP's
For any car running the the OEM computer, we recommend running OEM coil packs, Motorcraft.
Ignition & Electrical - Spark Plug Wires
Ignition & Electrical - Spark Plugs
With no spark, you have no running engine. Trust your engine to the finest spark plugs below. 
Ignition & Electrical - T56 Magnum Wiring
The T56 Magnum utilizes a reverse lockout solenoid to eliminate accidentally shifting into reverse when reaching for 5th gear. To avoid one of the infamous "money shifts" we recommend wiring in a...More Details »

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Description: Fits all 1996-2004 Mustang GT / Cobra with Long Tube Headers. No More O2 Extenders needed. Also fits other various Ford applications.
Item #: MHS-190001
Condition: New
Not Available
Price: $69.00
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