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Diamond Mod2K Race Series Pistons - 2V TFS Twisted Wedge 

Diamond's all new Mod2k Race Series Pistons for the Ford 4.6L / 5.4L 2V with Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Heads are the absolute best pistons available on the market! These Pistons feature a lightweight, yet super strong, strutted forging with all the upgrades needed to support well over 1500 HP. 


  • 2618 Alloy Strutted Forging
  • Additional Pin Boss Struts for added strength 
  • .325" Down Top Ring Land 
  • .180" Intake / .100" Exhaust Valve Reliefs 
  • Lateral Gas Ports for better ring seal 
  • Moly Coated Skirts
  • Trend Performance .225" Wall H-13 Wrist Pins 
  • Total Seal AP Steel Piston Ring Set 

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