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Series Explained:

  • A Series-

    This is a stock style replacement bearing with a bimetal design. This is recommended for a rebuild, or a basic bolt on, naturally aspirated Mod Motor. We recommend stepping up to a H Series bearing for any vehicles planning on raising power levels above basic bolt ons.
  • P Series-

    This is going to be a stock style replacement trimetal design, or a bearing that will not be taking high horsepower abuse. MHS recommends not using this bearing if your engine will be seeing over 500 horsepower at any point in its life. 
  • H Series-

    This is going to be your high horsepower, high abuse tolerance bearings. This series of bearing makes up about 90% of Clevite's Performance bearing sales. MHS suggests using an H Series bearing in any vehicle seeing forced induction of any kind, or high RPM runs. MHS runs H Series bearings in all of the engine builds that leave our facility. 

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